THE SEA COMES!- A project by Stichting STOEMP from The Hague

A fantastic festival with as them climate change on the South Beach in The Hague. Make a reservation from the 11th till the 14th of September 2008 in your agenda.

The newspapers are full with it: not long and halve the Netherlands will be gone. The Sea's Coming! When how high and how far, opinions differ, not much is sure so far. But some thing that's sure is that 'THE SEA COMES!' as a fantastic festival in September. The climate is changing and we will do something about it. This summer various energy saving measures will be taken on the south beach of The Hague. from Kijkduin to the southern side of the harbour of Scheveningen. As sustainable energy will be produced in various ways. The beach is indeed excellent for this purpose: sun and wind in the masses! 'THE SEA COMES!' takes place from the 11th till the 14th of September 2008. During these days energy saving and energy producing measures will be presented. Furthermore an art route will be created with art works which are inspired by climate change and sea level rising and which are specially made for these days. Visitors will be overwhelmed by small and large surprises and leave the beach full of new energy. The organisation of the event is in the hands of Earth-Work, The Hague environmental centre, the Centre for International Cooperation in The Hague Region, the STOEMP artist initiative, and The Hague Sustainable Development Corporation.

Shortly more: Keep an eye on the media, read the papers watch TV, cause it‘ll just take a while un till ‘THE SEA COMES’.