European Sound Delta in Szentendre

European Sound Delta in Szentendre

Artists’ residencies, sound performances and a radio project across Europe

Organised by MU (France), Rokolectiv (RO) and Arena Media (BG)

7 July to 28 September 2008

During the summer, two “studio-boats” are simultaneously navigate upstream on the Rhine and Danube Rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea, heading towards Strasbourg, their final destination. On board, more than 30 international artists, practicing sound and radio art, are working from recordings made in the 11 traversed countries.

Each of the 20 stopover cities will, in turn, be a new sound territory to explore but also a locus for triggering encounters and events: concerts, performances, installations, itineraries… As part of the closing event, sound cruises will take place on Strasbourg’s canals, displaying the essential productions of the overall project.

European Sound Delta invites the public to follow the progress of this art and sound journey, in real time, from its website, where one can find: a temporary 24hrs webradio, a Travel Blog gathering artist’s diaries, sketch books, videos, photos and sounds to be downloaded.

A poetic way to discover, within one summer and from ‘the tip of one’s ear’, the rich diversity of sound arts and Europe’s protean musicality.

European Sound Delta boat cruising on the Danube stops in Budapest and Szentendre from August 14th to 21st.

On Tuesday August 19, sound artists are performing at Szentendre performance festival. One evening of sound art and live performance (from 7:00pm to 23:00) with :


  • Fred de Wilde (Belgium) – sound performance with data from Danube water analysis

  • Piotr Talmachou (Bielorussia)piece made with sounds from the boat

  • WPMG (Brazil-France) – site specific live performance

  • Joachim Montessuis (France) – heavy drones & noise music from recordings made on the Rhine

  • Igor Stangliczky (Serbia)electronic music made with samples recorded on the Danube

  •  Studio Romantico, Csató Máté (Hungary)


  • Vincent Voillat (France) – Video from Danube Delta / Bulgaria / Antwerp / Rotterdam

  • Collectif MU (France)shorts Lofi vidéos from the first half of the Danube journey

  • Rio Rokokko (Hungary)

  • Fekete Jéé

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Contact Szentendre : David Halper // 06705787764 //


Artists in residence (july-August-September) : APO 33 et Jean Philipe Roux, Aymeric de Tapol, Carl.Y, Claudia Wegener, Dinahbird et Jean Philippe Renoult, François Martig, Frederik de Wilde, Gaël Ségalen, Igor Stangliczky, Jérome Dumais, Joachim Montessuis, Jodi Rose, Knut Aufermann, Ludger Henning, Phill Niblock et Katherine Liberovskaya, Piotr Talmachou, Rodolphe Alexis, Sarah Washington, Sillyconductor, Spectral Investigation Collective, Tamara Albaitis, Tanakan, Tô, Kevin Logan, WPMG.

Guest Curators: Valérie Vivancos and Joachim Montessuis.